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Table VIII

Field studies of water and pesticide runoff under simulated (S) or natural (N) rainfall under different tillage practices.

1 Codes of tillage practices are reported in Table I.

2 Hyphens are used to indicate the range of variation of values.

3 Commas are used to separate different years of study.

4 N: natural rainfall; S: simulated rainfall.

5 C: contoured slope; U/D: up-and-down slope.

6 Loc: seed row localisation of the pesticide treatment.

7 Average results for 9 years of study.

8 Numbers in parenthesis indicate the age in years of the soil tillage.

9 M.: maize = residues restituted; Sil.: silage = no crop residues.

10 Inc.: preplant soil incorporation of herbicide.

11 Cov.C: cover crop.

12IVar: variable rainfall intensity; Icons: constant rainfall intensity. a

13 Soy: continuous soybean; S/W: soybean/wheat rotation.