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Table II

Coincidence between the lowest lethal temperature (LT50) and lowest moisture content (MC) of leaves and rhizomes in four genotypes of miscanthus but no correlation between LT50 of leaves and LT50 of rhizomes.

Leaves Rhizomes
(Farrell et al., 2006) (Clifton-Brown and
Lewandowski, 2000b)
LT50(°C) MC (%) LT50(°C) MC (%)
M. sacchariflorus –7.5 ab 87 a –3.5 b 73 a
M. giganteus –8 b 85 a –3.5 b 76 a
M. sinensis Hybrid 6 –6 a 85 a –6 a 68 b
M. sinensis Hybrid 9 –9 c 80 b –4.5 ab 71 b

LT50, the lethal temperature at which 50% of shoots (or rhizomes) were killed. MC, moisture content. Different letters indicate significant differences calculated from the least significant difference post-hoc (P < 0.05).