Agron. Sustain. Dev.
Volume 25, Number 3, July-September 2005
Page(s) 377 - 379
Agron. Sustain. Dev. 25 (2005) 377-379
DOI: 10.1051/agro:2005032

Treatment of pistachios with boric acid, Zn-sulfate and Zn-chelate

C. Tsipouridisa, T. Thomidisa, I. Zakinthinosb, Z. Michailidisc and T. Michailidesd

a  Pomology Institute Naoussa, S.S. Naoussas 38, 59200, Imathia, Greece
b  Technological Education Institute of Kalamata, Antikalamos 24100, Greece
c  Technological Education Institute of Thessaloniki, P.O. Box, 57400, Thessoloniki, Greece
d  University of California, Department of Plant Pathology, Kearney Agricultural Center, 9240 S, Riverbend Avenue, Parlier, California 93648, USA

(Accepted 14 April 2005)

Abstract - We studied the effect of boric acid, Zn-sulfate and Zn-chelate on shell split and development of fruit rot diseases of the pistachio cultivar Eginis. The results showed that boric acid applied to soil and leaves together gave the highest percentage of shell split. Boric acid applied solely to the soil also increased significantly the percentage of shell split. In contrast, Zn-sulfate and Zn-chelate did not affect shell splitting, regardless of treatment No rotten fruit was found in any of the treatments, including the control.

Key words: boron / Eginis / shell split / pistachio / zinc

Corresponding author: T. Thomidis

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