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Under-vine Zulla cover crop: Effect on glycosidic aroma precursors of Vitis vinifera L. cv Syrah musts

María Pilar Segura-Borrego, Susana Tejero, Belén Puertas, Eva Valero, Cristina Ubeda and María Lourdes Morales
Scientia Horticulturae 323 112535 (2024)

Fodder Grass Strips: An Affordable Technology for Sustainable Rainfed Agriculture in India

Pushpanjali, Josily Samuel, Prabhat Kumar Pankaj, Konda Srinivas Reddy, Karunakaran Karthikeyan, Ardha Gopala Krishna Reddy, Jagriti Rohit, Kotha Sammi Reddy and Vinod Kumar Singh
Agriculture 13 (2) 318 (2023)

Mulch and Grass Cover Unevenly Halt Runoff Initiation and Sediment Detachment during the Growing Season of Hazelnut (Corylus avellana L.) in Croatia

Manuel Matisic, Marko Reljic, Ivan Dugan, Paulo Pereira, Vilim Filipovic, Lana Filipovic, Vedran Krevh and Igor Bogunovic
Sustainability 15 (21) 15200 (2023)

Evaluating Soil Loss in a Kimchi Cabbage Cropping System in the Highlands of Gangwon, Korea

Yang-Min Kim, Mavis Badu Brempong, Gye-Ryeong Bak and Jeong-Tae Lee
Korean Journal of Soil Science and Fertilizer 56 (4) 325 (2023)

Effects of Different Green Manure Crops on Soil Water, Nitrogen, and Yield: Preliminary Results in an Apple Orchard on the Loess Plateau, China

Qing Liang, Tibin Zhang, Zhenyuan Liu, Weiqiang Gao, Yu Cheng and Hao Feng
Agronomy 13 (8) 2009 (2023)

Evaluating sediment connectivity and its effects on sediment reduction in a catchment on the Loess Plateau, China

Wei Liu, Changxing Shi, Yongyong Ma and Yanjun Wang
Geoderma 408 115566 (2022)

Application of Artificial Intelligence for Predicting Erosion of Biochar Amended Soils

Ankit Garg, Insha Wani and Vinod Kushvaha
Sustainability 14 (2) 684 (2022)

A secondary assessment of sediment trapping effectiveness by vegetated buffers

Rasika Ramesh, Latif Kalin, Mohamed Hantush and Abhishek Chaudhary
Ecological Engineering 159 106094 (2021)

Land use and land cover change-induced changes of sediment connectivity and their effects on sediment yield in a catchment on the Loess Plateau in China

Wei Liu, Changxing Shi, Yongyong Ma, Huijuan Li and Xiaoqing Ma
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Cover crops in the inter-row of a table grape vineyard managed with irrigation sensors: Effects on yield, quality and glutamine synthetase activity in leaves

Giuseppe Ferrara, Domenica Nigro, Roque Torres, Agata Gadaleta, Matthew W. Fidelibus and Andrea Mazzeo
Scientia Horticulturae 281 109963 (2021)

Regional modeling of soil sensitivity to water erosion in JIJEL region (Algeria) using MCA and GIS

Soumeya Atika Nehai, Mohamed Saïd Guettouche and Djouher Saadoud
Applied Geomatics 13 (1) 55 (2021)

Different Ground Vegetation Cover Management Systems to Manage Cynodon dactylon in an Irrigated Vineyard

Francisco Valencia-Gredilla, Aritz Royo-Esnal, Alejandro Juárez-Escario and Jordi Recasens
Agronomy 10 (6) 908 (2020)

Nutrients in clusters and leaves of Italian table grapes are affected by the use of cover crops in the vineyard

Annalisa Tarantino, Andrea Mazzeo, Giuseppe Lopriore, et al.
Journal of Berry Research 10 (2) 157 (2020)

Slope Orientation and Vegetation Effects on Soil Thermo-Hydraulic Behavior. An Experimental Study

Raül Oorthuis, Jean Vaunat, Marcel Hürlimann, Antonio Lloret, José Moya, Càrol Puig-Polo and Alessandro Fraccica
Sustainability 13 (1) 14 (2020)

Sustainable Viticulture: Effects of Soil Management in Vitis vinifera

Eleonora Cataldo, Linda Salvi, Sofia Sbraci, Paolo Storchi and Giovan Battista Mattii
Agronomy 10 (12) 1949 (2020)

Modelling the impacts of grassland to cropland conversion on river flow regimes in Skunk Creek watershed, Upper Midwest United States

Laurent Ahiablame, Aleksey Y. Sheshukov, Esther Mosase and Jiyeong Hong
River Research and Applications 35 (9) 1454 (2019)

Effects of plant traits and their divergence on runoff and sediment retention in herbaceous vegetation

Léa Kervroëdan, Romain Armand, Mathieu Saunier and Michel-Pierre Faucon
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Towards the assessment of sediment connectivity in a large Himalayan river basin

Kanchan Mishra, Rajiv Sinha, Vikrant Jain, Santosh Nepal and Kabir Uddin
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Watershed erosion modeling using the probability of sediment connectivity in a gently rolling system

David Tyler Mahoney, James Forrest Fox and Nabil Al Aamery
Journal of Hydrology 561 862 (2018)

Effects of Rainfall-Induced Topsoil Structure Changes on Root-Zone Moisture Regime during the Dry Period

Feng Wang, Jiazhou Chen and Lirong Lin
Eurasian Soil Science 51 (1) 54 (2018)

Evaluation of disruption of sediment connectivity and herbicide transport across a slope by grass strips using a magnetic iron oxide tracer

María Burguet, Gema Guzmán, Elena de Luna, Encarnación V. Taguas and José Alfonso Gómez
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Management of service crops for the provision of ecosystem services in vineyards: A review

Léo Garcia, Florian Celette, Christian Gary, et al.
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Evaluation of the Water-Storage Capacity of Bryophytes along an Altitudinal Gradient from Temperate Forests to the Alpine Zone

Yoshitaka Oishi
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Application of GUSED‐VBS 2 Model for Flow and Sediment Transport in Vegetated Strips to Improve Water Quality

Sina Akram and Bofu Yu
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Optimization Models for the Design of Vegetative Filter Strips for Stormwater Runoff and Sediment Control

Puneet Khatavkar and Larry W. Mays
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Agricultural sediment reduction using natural herbaceous buffer strips: a case study of the east African highland

Tibebu Alemu, Simon Bahrndorff, Esayas Alemayehu and Argaw Ambelu
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Ecosystem service delivery of agri-environment measures: A synthesis for hedgerows and grass strips on arable land

Van Vooren Laura, Reubens Bert, Broekx Steven, et al.
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Estimating Suitability of Localities for Biotechnical Measures on Drainage System Application in Vojvodina

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Simulation Study of the Impact of Permanent Groundcover on Soil and Water Changes in Jujube Orchards on Sloping Ground

Jun Huang, Juan Wang, Xining Zhao, Hongbin Li, Zilong Jing, Xiaodong Gao, Xiaoli Chen and Pute Wu
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Mediating effect of stream geometry on the relationship between urban land use and biological index

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Buffer strip effect on terbuthylazine, desethyl-terbuthylazine and S-metolachlor runoff from maize fields in Northern Italy

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Emerging agroscience

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A review of the efficacy of contemporary agricultural stewardship measures for ameliorating water pollution problems of key concern to the UK water industry

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Soil Conservation Measures in Rainfed Olive Orchards in South-Eastern Spain: Impacts of Plant Strips on Soil Water Dynamics

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Seasonal evolution of runoff generation on agricultural land in the Belgian loess belt and implications for muddy flood triggering

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Benefits of plant strips for sustainable mountain agriculture

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