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Mlo-Mediated Broad-Spectrum and Durable Resistance against Powdery Mildews and Its Current and Future Applications

Antonín Dreiseitl
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Rare Virulences and Great Pathotype Diversity of a Central European Blumeria hordei Population

Antonín Dreiseitl
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A dominant-negative avirulence effector of the barley powdery mildew fungus provides mechanistic insight into barley MLA immune receptor activation

Emma E Crean, Merle Bilstein-Schloemer, Takaki Maekawa, Paul Schulze-Lefert, Isabel M L Saur and Wen-Ming Wang
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Genome-wide association mapping highlights candidate genes and immune genotypes for net blotch and powdery mildew resistance in barley

Samar M. Esmail, Diego Jarquín, Andreas Börner and Ahmed Sallam
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Mlo Resistance to Powdery Mildew (Blumeria graminis f. sp. hordei) in Barley Landraces Collected in Yemen

Jerzy H. Czembor and Elżbieta Czembor
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Great pathotype diversity and reduced virulence complexity in a Central European population of Blumeria graminis f. sp. hordei in 2015–2017

Antonín Dreiseitl
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Evolutionary Dynamics of Plant-Pathogen Interactions

Jeremy J. Burdon and Anna-Liisa Laine
Evolutionary Dynamics of Plant-Pathogen Interactions (2019)

Identification of barley powdery mildew resistances in gene bank accessions and the use of gene diversity for verifying seed purity and authenticity

Antonín Dreiseitl, Marta Zavřelová and Dragan Perovic
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Characterizing the pathotype structure of barley powdery mildew and effectiveness of resistance genes to this pathogen in Kazakhstan

Aralbek Rsaliyev, Zhazira Pahratdinova and Shynbolat Rsaliyev
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A Novel QTL for Powdery Mildew Resistance in Nordic Spring Barley (Hordeum vulgare L. ssp. vulgare) Revealed by Genome-Wide Association Study

Therése Bengtsson, Inger Åhman, Outi Manninen, Lars Reitan, Therese Christerson, Jens Due Jensen, Lene Krusell, Ahmed Jahoor and Jihad Orabi
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Exploring the Serbian GenBank barley (Hordeum vulgare L. subsp. vulgare) collection for powdery mildew resistance

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Playing on a Pathogen's Weakness: Using Evolution to Guide Sustainable Plant Disease Control Strategies

Jiasui Zhan, Peter H. Thrall, Julien Papaïx, Lianhui Xie and Jeremy J. Burdon
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Controlling Cyclic Epidemics on the Crops of the Agroecosystems: Articulate all the Dimensions in the Formalisation, but Look for a Local Solution

Lydia Bousset and Anne-Marie Chèvre
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Resistance of ‘Laverda’ to powdery mildew and its presence in some winter barley cultivars

A. Dreiseitl
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Antonín Dreiseitl
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Selections from barley landrace collected in Libya as new sources of effective resistance to powdery mildew (Blumeria graminis f.sp. hordei)

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Aerial Dispersal of Pathogens on the Global and Continental Scales and Its Impact on Plant Disease

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Genetic diversity of barley landraces from Near East, North Africa and Southern Europe in relation to resistance to powdery mildew

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Observed and predicted changes over eight years in frequency of barley powdery mildew avirulent to spring barley in France and Denmark

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