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Combined effects of annual crop agricultural practices on earthworm communities

Abdourahmane Diallo, Kevin Hoeffner, Sarah Guillocheau, Pierrick Sorgniard and Daniel Cluzeau
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Large-scale ecologically-based farming systems foster earthworm communities and their contribution to ecosystem processes

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Earthworm Abundance Increased by Mob-Grazing Zero-Tilled Arable Land in South-East England

Toni Trickett and Douglas James Warner
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Tillage effects on ground beetles in temperate climates: a review

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Short- and long-term impacts of anaerobic digestate spreading on earthworms in cropped soils

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To till or not to till in a temperate ecosystem? Implications for climate change mitigation

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Comparison of the mustard oil and electrical methods for sampling earthworm communities in rural and urban soils

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Climatic change adaptation strategy for dry season amaranth cropping systems in the tropics: a case study from irrigated watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) as live mulch

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Potencjał krajobrazów rolniczych do świadczenia usługi dekompozycji materii organicznej = The potential of agricultural landscapes to supply organic-matter decomposition services

Edyta Regulska
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Impact of crop genetic diversity on a litter consumer

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Humusica 2, article 17: techno humus systems and global change − three crucial questions

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Reduction of anthropogenic loading on an agroecosystem by increasing its energy efficiency

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The effects of farming practices on earthworm dynamics in olive groves of central Greece

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Impact of herbicide application intensity in relation to environment and tillage on earthworm population in sugar beet in Germany

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Short-term effects of ploughing on the abundance and dynamics of two endogeic earthworm species in organic cropping systems in northern France

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Effects of Shading on Chlorophyll Content, Chlorophyll Fluorescence and Photosynthesis of Subterranean Clover

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Emerging agroscience

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