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Table V

Tomato fruit yield of four different cultivars grown in organic or conventional crop systems.

Weight of fruits Number of fruits
(g/plant/week of harvesting) (nb/plant/week of harvesting)
15 441.3 c 4.9 c
40 286.0 a 4.1 b
45 372.7 b 4.9 c
93 418.7 c 3.2 a
P values 0.0001 0.0001
Crop systems
ORG 373.12 ab 4.3 bc
ORGWS 376.08 ab 4.0 ab
CONV-S 312.60 a 3.8 a
CONV-RWL 441.75 c 4.7 c
CONV-RWH 394.85 bc 4.7 c
P values 0.0121 0.0087

Crop systems were: organic system in soil with (ORG) or without straw (ORGWS), conventional system in rockwool with a high nutritive solution concentration (CONV-RWH), conventional system in rockwool with a low nutritive solution concentration (CONV-RWL), and conventional system in soil (CONV-S). The interaction between Cultivars and Crop systems effect was very weak (P value = 0.0306) and, therefore, only the main effects were considered. For each parameter (cultivar and crop system), within each column, values followed by a similar letter are not significantly different according to Tukey test (P ≤ 0.05).