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Table IV

Relative growth rates (RGR) of leaves, trusses and specific leaf area (SLA) of tomato plants.

RGR leaves RGR trusses RGR SLA
Crop systems
ORG 0.017 a 0.021 A 0.028 a
ORGWS 0.017 a 0.021 A 0.025 a
CONV-S 0.017 a 0.022 A 0.030 a
CONV-RWL 0.019 a 0.021 A 0.026 a
CONV-RWH 0.018 a 0.021 A 0.029 a
P values 0.0750 0.1881 0.5072
15 0.019 c 0.022 C 0.027 ab
40 0.016 a 0.019 A 0.024 a
45 0.019 c 0.023 C 0.029 bc
93 0.018 b 0.020 B 0.031 c
P values <0.0001 <0.0001 0.0188

Crop systems were: organic system in soil with (ORG) or without straw (ORGWS), conventional system in rockwool with a high nutritive solution concentration (CONV-RWH), conventional system in rockwool with a low nutritive solution concentration (CONV-RWL), and conventional system in soil (CONV-S). The relative growth rate (RGR) was obtain by fitting a logistic curve. Specific leaf area was calculated as the surface area/g of dry weight. The interaction between Cultivars and Crop systems was not significant and therefore, only the main effects were considered. For each parameter (cultivar and crop system), within each column, values followed by a similar letter are not significantly different according to Tukey test (P ≤ 0.05).