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Agron. Sustain. Dev. Vol. 28 No. 3

Agronomy for Sustainable Development

Vol. 28 No. 3 (July-September 2008)

  • Organic and conventional management of mixtures of wheat and spring cereals     p. 363
    A.H.E.E. Kaut, H.E. Mason, A. Navabi, J.T. O'Donovan and D. Spaner
    Abstract | PDF file (791.4 KB) | References

  • Algorithm for estimating the crop height effect on ammonia emission from slurry applied to cereal fields and grassland     p. 373
    R.E. Thorman, M.N. Hansen, T.H. Misselbrook and S.G. Sommer
    Abstract | PDF file (303.9 KB) | References

  • Crop patterns and habitat preferences of the grey partridge farmland bird     p. 379
    A. Joannon, E. Bro, C. Thenail and J. Baudry
    Abstract | PDF file (810.3 KB) | References

  • Weed control strategies for grain legumes     p. 389
    G. Avola, R. Tuttobene, F. Gresta and V. Abbate
    Abstract | PDF file (332.0 KB) | References

  • Alternative weed control using the allelopathic effect of natural benzoxazinoids from rye mulch     p. 397
    Vincenzo Tabaglio, Carolina Gavazzi, Margot Schulz and Adriano Marocco
    Abstract | PDF file (276.6 KB) | References

  • Grey mould development in greenhouse tomatoes under drip and furrow irrigation     p. 403
    Kamel Aissat, Philippe C. Nicot, Abdelhadi Guechi, Marc Bardin and Mohamed Chibane
    Abstract | PDF file (432.3 KB) | References

  • Peroxidase changes in Phoenix dactylifera palms inoculated with mycorrhizal and biocontrol fungi     p. 411
    Laaziza Ben Khaled, Manuela Pérez-Gilabert, Beatriz Dreyer, Abdallah Oihabi, Mario Honrubia and Asunción Morte
    Abstract | PDF file (1.244 MB) | References

  • Sorption and leaching of 14C-glyphosate in agricultural soils     p. 419
    Abdul Jabbar Al-Rajab, Samira Amellal and Michel Schiavon
    Abstract | PDF file (589.8 KB) | References

  • Plant age and rock phosphate effects on the organic resource quality of herbaceous legume residues and their N and P release dynamics     p. 429
    B. Vanlauwe, A. Idrissa, J. Diels, N. Sanginga and R. Merckx
    Abstract | PDF file (1.416 MB) | References

  • Genotypic variation for drought tolerance in cotton     p. 439
    M. Rahman, I. Ullah, M. Ahsraf, J.M. Stewart and Y. Zafar
    Abstract | PDF file (407.5 KB) | References

  • Impact of zinc-tolerant plant growth-promoting rhizobacteria on lentil grown in zinc-amended soil     p. 449
    Parvaze Ahmad Wani, Md. Saghir Khan and Almas Zaidi
    Abstract | PDF file (294.5 KB) | References

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