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Agron. Sustain. Dev. Vol. 25 No. 3

Agronomy for Sustainable Development

Vol. 25 No. 3 (July-September 2005)

  • Quantifying biodiversity in ecosystems with green lacewing assemblages     p. 337
    Bruno Deutsch, Mihaela Paulian, Dominique Thierry and Michel Canard
    Abstract | PDF file (153 KB) | References

  • Characterization of soil particles by X-ray diffraction (XRD), X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM)     p. 345
    Karine Flogeac, Emmanuel Guillon, Michel Aplincourt, Eric Marceau, Lorenzo Stievano, Patricia Beaunier and Yves-Michel Frapart
    Abstract | PDF file (1.01 MB) | References

  • Spatial aspects of gene flow between rapeseed varieties and volunteers     p. 355
    Nathalie Colbach, Nicolas Molinari, Jean-Marc Meynard and Antoine Messéan
    Abstract | PDF file (184 KB) | References

  • Improvement of soil properties and nitrogen utilisation of sunflower by amending municipal solid waste compost     p. 369
    Francesco Montemurro, Michele Maiorana, Grazia Convertini and Francesco Fornaro
    Abstract | PDF file (227 KB) | References

  • Treatment of pistachios with boric acid, Zn-sulfate and Zn-chelate     p. 377
    C. Tsipouridis, T. Thomidis, I. Zakinthinos, Z. Michailidis and T. Michailides
    Abstract | PDF file (61.9 KB) | References

  • Glycine betaine mitigates cold stress damage in Chickpea     p. 381
    Harsh Nayyar, Krishan Chander, Sanjeev Kumar and T. Bains
    Abstract | PDF file (228 KB) | References

  • Effect of P on nodule formation and N fixation in bean     p. 389
    Saber Kouas, Nahla Labidi, Ahmed Debez and Chedly Abdelly
    Abstract | PDF file (628 KB) | References

  • Effect of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi and rhizobacteria on banana growth and nutrition     p. 395
    Ana Sue Rodríguez-Romero, María Sol Piñero Guerra and María del Carmen Jaizme-Vega
    Abstract | PDF file (296 KB) | References

  • Influence of flooding on the degradation of linuron, isoproturon and metolachlor in soil     p. 401
    Cesare Accinelli, Claudio Screpanti and Alberto Vicari
    Abstract | PDF file (94.3 KB) | References

  • Glyphosate and glufosinate-ammonium runoff from a corn-growing area in Italy     p. 407
    Claudio Screpanti, Cesare Accinelli, Alberto Vicari and Pietro Catizone
    Abstract | PDF file (362 KB) | References

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